10 Great Styles For Curvy Women To Don This Fall

Being curvy does not mean that you have to stick to oversized clothes to ‘hide’ your body. Oversized clothes do look good, but there are always different styles, outfits, and clothes that can accentuate your frame. This fall, we are helping you with 10 of the best items you can wear during the breezy season – midway winter.

Fall is the season of layers and hoarding up coats, boots, and sweaters are a common task. Dressing right and dressing to your size are two different things. Dressing right can bring out your features and make them look beautiful for what they are, while dressing to your size may make you dress too comfortably. Now don’t get me wrong, you can still be comfortable and look your best. Bid adieu to the oversized, bulky clothes you stashed away for this season and say hello to styles that underline your shape and features. The right styling can bring about a lot of changes to your appearance.

The accessories, clothes, and even colours of your outfits can complement your body tone. Basic and solid colours tend to blend well and showcase a more even-toned figure since they go with everything. The right patterns too can have the same effect. Avoiding bulky clothes and going for looser fits are a smart choice. If you are picking something longer with the same amount of comfort, a straight-fit can fit your figure.

If block colours are not your thing, you can shift to smaller patterns in mild colours. Vertical prints as opposed to horizontal ones accent a slimmer and taller look as well. Diagonal prints can portray your waist in a very flattering manner. Deep V-shaped necklines or low-cut pointy ones can highlight your neck and make it appear longer while enhancing your overall appearance.

Here are some of the styles you can pull off this autumn:

  • Overcoats

Overcoats, trench coats, and camel coats have always been an outfit you can count on during autumns and winter. With this being an everlasting trend, you can never go out of style should you choose to wear this. Apart from looking great and complimenting your other clothes no matter what they are, they also do great in the functional part, by keeping you warm. They are best paired with boots, which bring us to the next style.

  • Boots

A good pair of comfortable boots matched with any fall outfit is a good idea for two reasons. One, like I earlier mentioned, functionality. Two, because they’re just really cute and look great with almost every outfit. Boots are a good combination with any garment you choose to wear – be it a short, chic dress or a baggy sweater with ripped jeans. Whether they are knee-high or ankle-length, they prove to be a great accessory to all your outfits.

  • Ripped jeans

Although these have been a trend for a couple of years now, it’s evident that it is here to stay. Jeans are what people would like to call a ‘good investment’ if they feel bad about spending that much money on a single item. You do not have to spend on a brand new pair – with faded jeans coming back, you can simply take a pair of scissors and a grater, and rip patterns in your old ones. Pair these jeans with a plaid shirt – either buttoned up or left open around a simple tank top.

  • Sweaters

Ah, the classic fall outfit. Every girl can pull off a sweater regardless of their body shape. With winter creeping up on us and the air getting a little chilly, a sweater is a good idea for a casual evening or night out with your friends, whether you’re going to the movies or grabbing a light dinner. A little baggy sweater with long sleeves is your ideal choice. Matched with jeans and ankle-length boots, this can be your go-to outfit through the season.

  • Shrugs

Like coats, shrugs are a good last-minute drape that can be thrown on with any outfit to complete the look. It fills up a lot more place and makes your otherwise casual outfit look a little grander, and falls perfectly on your waist. Jeans paired with a casual block coloured tee and sandals, with the shrug pulled over is a great morning look for a simple day out.

  •  Anything floral

Sometimes, you just can’t go wrong with floral patterns. Although this is not a specific attire, the pattern put together with neutral tones can be pulled off by curvy women with ease. It can be a simple dress, a shrug, or a t-shirt. It gives off a slight summery feel, perfect for early autumn or even the slightly sunny days. After all, it’s happy vibes all along!

  • Waist belts

Any fitting dress with a slight flare below the waist coupled with a waist belt can accentuate a curvy woman’s body. Choose a wide and broad one that defines your figure, and provides ample space for the dress to flare out. This can complement your outfit and highlight your features. Wearing it at the right place with the right measurement always betters the look. Waist belts also look great with shirt dresses, giving it a better shape around your figure.

  •  High-waisted midi skirts

High-waisted midi skirts and even jeans are a great look on curvy women as they can flaunt one’s natural features and put them in a better light. High-waisted midi skirts with a simple block coloured top tucked in or a looser-fitting one left out can become your go-to picnic outfit or even one for a lunch date. Pairing it with a cold shoulder top or a V-neck too can be one of the more flattering looks.

  • Bomber jackets

Donning a modern bomber jacket with any attire of your choice is a good idea. They can make a simple dress look more formal, and embolden your simple chic look. Coupling it with a striped t-shirt and jeans or a tunic on the fancier side can give you a great outfit for a night out. Bomber jackets can play very well with your figure and bring focus to the entire outfit, removing space to pick out flaws.

  • Skater dresses

Skater dresses on a curvy girl with the looser, more comfortable fit and the slight flare below the waist can give one a cleaner frame. Combined with casual shoes, they can become a fun, simple, and casual day outfit, whereas putting them on with heels and a bomber jacket can give you a more formal look.

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