10 Life Hacks For Plus-Size Women To Look Taller

Coming into adulthood there are certain things that hit you as hard as winter hail on tin tops. It might be the simple fact that you have grown into a stout woman. This may drive you to do numerous things, from guzzling down cups upon cups of green tea to taking organic pills that claimed to make you slim in the time window of some months. But we are no Cinderellas with a fairy godmother and this is no fairy tale. We have only one option before us- to calmly accept ourselves and work with the body that is as precious as any other.

And as for your size- You might not have been able to fight it; you can certainly learn to hide it. It is not out of shame for your own body, but simply because you should want to treat the physique you have been endowed with in the best way possible. And today we offer some magic tricks to turn the short and stout teapot into a nearly sizzling bottle.

#1. Style Your Hair The Right Way

If there was one thing that you can easily manage the style of, it is your hair.  And it is the most convenient thing to do to, every short woman must realize that the length of her hair works a great deal to put an edge to her overall personality. Longhair on a short body is a big no.

You must keep your hair short in order that your neck might appear stately and elongated. An extra add up to your whole appearance is given when you tie your hair in a top knot. This offers an extension to your whole figure so that you appear taller and leaner than before.

If you’re looking for more hair styles,braid them into two and tie them over your rounded scalp to make an angelic bun. As long as your hair is up, even in a ponytail, you are bound to look tall.

#2. Say Hi to High-Heels

Heels are a woman’s best friend, and to short lady, they might just become the ‘bffs’. Wearing heels has to be done in a particular fashion and cannot be done carelessly.  You must wear heels that have low cut vamps. Now vamps are the part of the shoe that cut at the front, and snug in your toes, if these are high and cover most of your foot,your heels don’t work quite as well, thus you must make sure to choose the right heels.

#3. Color Code!

This is just another form of wearing the right heels; if you wear heels or shoes that match your skin tone, or the shade of the jeans/ dress (long) that you’re wearing, your legs appear longer and the lower part of your body appears leaner.

#4. Another Color Rule

You must make sure that you’re wearing only one color from top to bottom, this is necessary because you cannot allow your body to appear divided by using one color above and another below. So make sure you go all white, all black and all one color. Make sure you’re not wearing bright colors like yellow, green or a lightening blue, but colors that easily blend in with the surroundings, like graphite black, grainy maroon, a deep grey and darker versions of all colors that are available out there. These colors mingle with the environment to make you look not only taller but a lot leaner than you can possibly imagine!

#5. Boat- Neck And V-Neck Tops

You’ve heard it before, and you’ve heard it right. Boat-necks and V-necks as compared to crew necks, highlight a very important part of your body, that is your collar bone and the area below. In order to appear to taller, you must show more of your skin around the neck and this is exactly what the Boat necks and V-necks allow you to do. If you have a heavy bosom however, you would do good to stick mostly to V-necks, but if you can find a hybrid of both a V-neck and a boat neck in one top/dress, then you have found a diamond for yourself! Now,not only do you look taller but your size seems reduced as well.

#6.  Maxis and Short Skirts

Now you have to either go all flowy long princess, or complete sassy short ballerina. This is again done in order to make sure that your body is not divided into two distinct halves which not only highlights your shortness but also your stoutness. So make sure that you’re wearing long maxis that reach down to your ankle and sweep the floor,this is also a very trendy look. And if you’re wearing light flowered pattern dresses then your size appears smaller too. And as for the skirts, show off those beautiful legs you have! This is not just to make you look taller but to add that extra oomph to your persona, so if you want to dazzle those people out there make the right choices with the lower you’re wearing.

#7. Bell Bottom Jeans

Now for those chilly winter days or for those who want to try a different, comfortable lower, flared, bell-bottomed jeans are a must. Make sure that these are high waist, because this will accentuate your curves, of which you have plenty and this must be shown to the rest of the world! Flared jeans as compared to skinny jeans, are not only comfortable but they give an illusion of occupying the space around you, so your real dimensions remain hidden from the eye and you remain of an undiscovered size to the viewer.

#8. Vertical Stripes 

You have to go for stripes, but never let them be horizontal! This would make it look like you’re taking more space than you actually are and will make you appear of a greater size. Vertical stripes, however, do the exact opposite. They make your body structure seem elongated and make you look leaner, and bring you that petite, thin look you’re craving.

#9. Avoid Big Bags

The best advice that anyone may receive from someone, who shares our big size, is that one should never carry a big shoulder bag. Avoid big bags like the plague- they make you look really large and humongous which is the last thing you want. If you must, carry a longhand-bag, this works as a great accessory and also makes your persona appear leaner, otherwise carry a handy clutch. This gives you a nice, sophisticated look and adds to your aesthetic beauty.

#10.  Tuck Your Blouse

This is another great tip for all those who are looking to appear taller on a casual look. No matter what you’re wearing on top, tuck it in and pull out the edges and leave your hanging. This will hide your belly fat, especially if you’re wearing a high waist jeans which we strictly advice you do.

With our compilation the best tips to look taller, you don’t have to fret about your size anymore. These amazing life hacks are bound to make you look leaner, smarter and taller. Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below.


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