10 Must Have Plus Size Wear-To-Work Essentials

A work attire is just as essential as your work ethics. The outfit you wear determines the sort of professional outlook you possess. This becomes vital when you have meetings with superiors, clients, or even in work gatherings. Almost nowhere is your attire as influential as it is in your workplace. For the longest time, strict formalwear was considered to be the right choice for women. This meant plain suits, salwars or shirt and trouser combinations. On rare occasions, one would be seen wearing a saree. Time, thankfully, has changed and there are a whole range of options that full figured women can choose from these days. Each of these outfits are modern, chic and exude class and sophistication. You will be the face of haute couture, while your look will still mean business. With some of the best brands in the world producing these clothing options, there’s simply no reason for you to deny yourself a refreshing change of wardrobe essentials. So, without further ado, here are the ten must-have wear-to-work items that every plus sized woman should have.

  • Moto Jacket

Now, you with think that a biker outfit would be the last think to wear to office. And you would be right, unless you just wear the jacket. Moto jackets are extremely stylish and quite acceptable in any workplace. They add a much needed spark to your overall look, saving it from looking drab and boring. In order to still look professional, you can choose to have a mono-coloured suit, which doesn’t have too many frills and decorations. It keeps you warm during the cold winter mornings, makes you look incredible and is widely available everywhere.

  • Wide Leg Pants

Remember bell bottom pants? Well, wide leg pants are their better cousins. Fashionable and extremely comfortable, they are perfect for any kind of office and/or workplace. As is obvious, these pants come in a variety of designs, but what really sets them apart is the amount of relief they give you. While working, you are either running around all the time, or sitting at your desk for an extended period of time. In either case, wearing something constricting is strictly against your well-being. Wide Leg Pants save you from such discomfort by being a stylish alternative. They can also be paired with almost any other kind of shirt, blouse, t-shirt etc. which makes them incredibly versatile as well.

  • Two Piece Suit

Suits are always a safe choice to wear to the office. They epitomize professionalism and are the first choice of clothing for any career driven person. They can, however, become run of the mill and uninspired. But, if you still want to don a suit, and look amazing while doing so, then the modern iterations of the two piece suit are just the things for you. A two piece suit means a set that comes with a jacket and the trousers. Modern suits come with a multitude of variations, which include single buttoned suits, straight leg trousers and even double breasted suits. You can choose whichever suits your parameters of style and comfort. Best of all, you can mix and match the jacket and trousers with other clothing items you have. Thus, you get multiple clothing options through a single purchase.

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  • Blouse

One of the most versatile items on this list, the blouse is an indispensable part of any woman’s clothing line-up. It can be worn for any occasion (workplace included), it can be worn with almost anything, and it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Wearing it to work is not only an amazing style statement, but also gives you a professional, yet accessible vibe. You don’t seemed walled off or unapproachable. People feel comfortable starting a conversation with you, which is truly a wonderful thing. Comfort is also an important factor, and a blouse provides immense freedom of movement and is not constricting in any way. All in all, a perfect option for the office.

  • Trench Coat

When we are making a purchase of any sort, we always think about its viability. Is the quality good? Is it cost effective? And, most importantly, will we be using it enough? These are the same questions we ask when buying clothes, especially for work. We want to buy something that can be worn in combination with as many things as possible. While not many items do that, the trench coat is probably at the top of the list. If you live in colder climes, then you probably already own one, but a trench coat is an indispensable addition to your work-wear collection. A nice trench coat gives a highly professional look and works with virtually anything that you choose to wear, especially if you buy one in a neutral colour.

  • Shirt Dress

Shirts are yet another time tested work attire that has always been preferred by professionals. While shirts for women come in many varieties, the shirt dress is something incredibly unique. A shirt that extends to become a knee length dress, this outfit is one of the most stylish workplace garments that you will have the fortune of coming across. The shirt dress cascades over you, like a blanket of comfort, while making you look like a diva. And while it is definitely suitable at the workplace, you will be right at home wearing it at a party or on a ladies night out.

  • Accordion Skirt

Every woman has a few skirts that adorn their wardrobe. Skirts of different lengths, sizes and colours. But, at one point, they all do tend to look somewhat the same. In such cases, if you want to wear a skirt that breathes new life into your overall look. Enter, the accordion skirt. Named so due to its folds resembling those of an accordion, the accordion skirt is most certainly a head turner. It is certainly not something that you see every day, and it makes you look interesting and unique. It is also quite easy to wear, and provides great comfort while you work.

  • Asymmetrical Skirt

While we are on the topic of quirky skirts, let’s talk a bit about asymmetrical skirts. If the accordion skirt can turn heads, then the asymmetrical skirt will make sure people can’t take their eyes of you. Made to be flowy and cascading, the asymmetrical skirt is short at one side and long on the other (hence the name). The avant garde styling of this skirt have made it an instant hit worldwide, and a darling of the fashion industry.

  • Jumpsuit

When you first hear of a jumpsuit, it certainly doesn’t sound fashionable. In your mind, you might be imagining something that people wear when they jump out of airplanes while skydiving. But rest assured, a jumpsuit is firmly in vogue these days. It also comes in several varieties, so there is something for everyone. The greatest advantage of a jumpsuit is the ease of wearing it. As a single article of clothing, you simply slip into it, and you are done. No complicated process, no unnecessary wastage of time. It is the perfect outfit for work, since you simply slip it on and you are ready for business.

  • Tunic Top

Work is pretty stressful on the best of days, you don’t want your clothes to be stressful either. Which is why the best office clothing should be the ones that prioritise comfort. On the other hand, you don’t want to enter office in a hoodie either. Thankfully, the perfect combination of comfort and professionalism has been achieved in the form of the tunic top. Loose fitting and relaxed, this is ideal for full figured women as it lets your body breathe and unwind.

So, these were the top ten wear-to-work essentials for plus size women. All of these outfits are designed to be accommodating, non-restrictive and breathtakingly fashionable. Not to mention, all of them are ideal for the office.