10 Tips For Curvy Women To Look Confident In Any Outfit

That time has long passed when curvy figures used to set a cycle of distress; we have transcended to an era where curves make the cut in the fashion world. If you do not believe us, then you might care to notice the wondrous body transformation of celebrity singer Demi Lovato and the hype over curvy models like Ashley Graham and Kim Kardashian. The trend is all about curves that make men swerve.

So if you’re trying to reduce your god gifted size, you should consider pulling breaks on that particular wagon because it’s time for us to discuss some serious fashion.

Embracing our womanhood, here are some tips that will work magic with the ladies who have their blessed extras.

1. The Hips and The Rips

Wondering how to accentuate those amazing legs? Well, ripped jeans are going to be your best friends in this journey to bring out your female-hood. Make sure that the pair of jeans that you procure are not baggy but firmly embrace your legs, from your thighs to your ankle. So make sure you have a nice pair of ripped denims in your closet. The bluer the better, because this colour complements the surroundings at all occasions and gives a defined silhouette to your lower body.

2. Cross-over dresses

Being curvy is all about highlighting that waist so if you’re looking to go to a club or a dance party and want to wear a dress, I have a simple advice for you- Always go for cross over dresses that highlight your bosom as well as your waist. That way your hourglass body will be beautified and you will be turning heads with your Goddess curves.

 Cross overs are not limited to simply dresses- you may also choose to wear cross wrapped tops and cross wrapped bikinis; believe in yourself and do not try to hide that belly with baggy clothes for that only makes you look larger. Accentuating every part of your body is what we  want for all curvy ladies out there, so quickly get your hands on any cross wrapped dress or top that you find out there.

3. If it’s faded you should trade it

Dresses and especially jeans that have patched sections of faded shades or do not have monotone colouring are a huge NO and we cannot possibly stress it enough that we want you in the limelight and not your clothes. It’s crucial that every fashion choice you make highlights your lovely body, and clothes with shades that fade out at have contrasts fail to fulfil this particular requirement of ours.

Make sure that you’re always going for jeans/dresses that are smooth and mono-colored, this ensures that your whole persona maintains one unified profil, and one can clearly decipher what great stuff your body is made of.

4. Take care of the intimates  

Let’s do a rain check on what we keep in our private Victoria’s Secret box. It’s not just applicable to you curvy divas, but stands true for all the ladies out there. The better the intimate wear, the better you look- mark this as the golden unforgettable rule that will stand true at all times.

5. The two-piece mix

The current trend has brought in many dresses like high waist skirts with short bodycon tops above. Being a curvy woman, you will find that anything that is two piece- especially with a cropped, skin hugging top above and high waist lowers below are your go to buddies.

You can swear by Neoprene skirts in Lieu of Spanx and commit yourself forever to a casual crop top and high waist jeans. Remember that black colour is your best friend, no matter what you eventually choose to wear.

6. Strong shoulders

Being curvy is all about managing those above and below proportions. To balance the girth of your full hips, we recommend that you try wearing a fuller skirt of flared pants; remember, no skinny jeans this time, instead go for the trending gaucho pants

To balance the proportion up top, wear something with strong shoulders, like an edgy moto jacket or a cape blazer. Once you get your proportions in place, your body will naturally work wonders.

7. Low hemmed dresses

So far we have talked about embracing our bodies as they are, but while doing so- there are some precautions that we will do good to keep in mind.

While wearing dresses, make sure that they are not short hemmed- as a woman with fuller hips, you have to remember that dresses have the tendency to collect towards the back, wrinkle up and gather at the waist. We definitely don’t want to be in this embarrassing goof up, and thus its best to wear low hemmed dresses, especially if you’re going body con.

8. Forget about sizes

It’s a myth that you can fit into only one size. Size is nothing but a number, and sizes often aren’t consistent among various brands. “So we all know that a 14 isn’t a 14 everywhere,” says Ospina. “If you’re like me, your size range probably encompasses the single digits to the double ones, depending on the brand. I definitely encourage everyone to experiment with sizes! Don’t be afraid of trying on a 12 somewhere because, ‘THAT WOULD NEVER FIT.’ It very well might!”

So remember, whenever you’re out shopping, feel free to try out dresses of different sizes from different brands.

9. Embrace wide belts

This is great method to look smart and sexy in a matter of few seconds. If you do not have anything but a baggy dress or sack-like tops, you can quickly wrap a wide belt around your waist.

This gives your body shape and equalizes proportion, keeping the sagging fat in check- all the while giving you one of the most trendy looks that are out there.  A wide belt is one fashion hack that you must have, for it gives a Cinderella transformation to anything you’re wearing.

10. Bodysuits

We all are huge fans of bodysuits. We recommend them for curvy women who like tucking in their clothes but hate it when something becomes untucked. Although we encourage embracing belly fat and overall body fat, for all those women who want to keep their proportion in check and wish to give a desired shape to their body, bodysuits are blessing to be thanked.

No matter what you’re wearing, be it a simple jeans and top or a dance-party dress, you can be assured of an amazing, sexy look with the bodysuit guarding your inside.

Believe that you have been blessed with angelic aesthetics, go out, and shine like the bright diamond you are. No hiding behind baggy clothes or layers upon layers of accessories that just add to your dimensions, just follow the tips given above and be ready to stay ahead of the fashion game.

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