A Style Guide on Jumpsuits for Curvy Women

Watch out for all the fashion fads in 2019, because as of now, jumpsuits have made a comeback! And curvy ladies, you might be wondering how you can play this new trend into your #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Do not fret, because we have got your back! From once being shamed for our curves to now learning to accept them, we have come a long way and so have our style options.

Consider this: you are returning home from a long day of work. All you feel like doing is going back to bed and sleeping, but you can’t because you have cancelled on a date too many times before. All you want to do is slap on some comfy clothes that you can fall asleep in, right when you come back. That is why your go-to outfit on days like these should be a jumpsuit, and girl, we have the best styles you can choose from. Everybody wonders if a particular item of clothing will suit their physique, whatever it may be, but jumpsuits are actually one style that everybody can pull off.

For the longest time, I thought that there was only one design for a jumpsuit, but turns out that I was more wrong than I thought. So stick around and watch us delve into the world of jumpsuits that accentuate your curves like no other!

How To Style A Jumpsuit To Fit Your Curvy Physique?

There are a number of jumpsuits that can suit your body, and it is all about finding the right one. In cases like this, never be afraid to experiment. It is all about trying different styles and accessorising them with different jewellery until you find the perfect look. If you have been trying for it a lot, do not worry because this article will help you explore different styles, as well as different ways in which you can style your outfit.

Start by identifying your physique – which part stands out the most, and which part you want to emphasise on. Your assets, basically. Once this is done, think of styles that will accentuate them and make them appear fine with the right details.

 If you have a big chest, V-necks or off the shoulders are probably the best option to bet on. If you have a big bottom, you should choose a high-waisted jumpsuit with a belt or some sort of tie right above the waist, and the same thing if you have a big hip.

If you have big thighs but are unafraid of showing them off, a cute romper will always do justice to you. Pick a striped one, or something with an abstract pattern. Of course, you can never go wrong with abstract patterns, no matter the style of the jumpsuit, romper, or onesie.

Additionally, good accessory ideas are big or chunky yet simple necklaces for off the shoulder jumpsuits or rompers. A choker or a bigger necklace that goes right around your neck is perfect for framing your neck, collar bones and chest.

Necklaces that have multiple layers are great for off the shoulder or cold shoulder outfits, and occasionally for V-necks when the cut of the necklace and romper or jumpsuit are sharp.

Big hoop earrings can never be a mistake, as they stick out and shape your face really well. For a quick and last minute accessory during the day, you can put on a hat like you would with a sundress. They go really well with strapless jumpsuits too.

For your hands, always choose either a chunky bracelet or a thin, minimalistic one. Anything in between may not do the outfit justice, however one of the earlier two outfits could really tie it all together.

Forget the area above your torso for a quick second – let’s think footwear. Heels seem like the obvious choice for a date night, right? Yeah? Smart answer, because that is what you should wear. For a day out however, it can be hard to function in heels. You can always wear flats too, but opt for something like a wrap around, so it completes the look of the outfit. For heels, wedges and pumps are a likely choice. Usually ones that wrap the ankle or ones that cover the foot are better, since they really make the other features of your outfit and body stand out.

If neither of these catches your groove, slip into some sneakers that complement your outfit’s colour and be on your way!

Now that this is out of the way, let us move on to some jumpsuit and romper styles – which include the material and design – that can be ideal for you.

The Right Styles For You

  • Long sleeved jumpsuits

The best physique for a long sleeved jumpsuit is a pear-shaped body. With attention taken away from the arms, they generally bring more to the torso. So finding something that structures your hips is favourable. A jumpsuit with a plunging V-neck and a little flare to the neckline or collar could be great in bringing out the features of your collarbones. Additionally, you could pair this with gold or silver jewellery for a bold look, if you are choosing black.

  • Off the shoulder jumpsuits

Off the shoulder jumpsuits can suit any body shape, so you do not have to hesitate if you are considering getting one. Chokers are your best friends with these, and think about getting a side sling bag to go along with it. Solid and block colours are good choices for this, or you can get a little funky and consider getting a patterned outfit. If you’re thinking about getting a romper, get a long, layered necklace. For patterns, think along the lines of something laced or striped, if not for a solid colour.

  • Bell & ruffle sleeved rompers

Rompers are always cute for a chic and sexy look – borderline classy, borderline fun. They are the perfect outfit for a day at the beach, or a night out clubbing. If your plan is to find something for the latter, a bell and ruffle sleeve romper is your answer. They are perfectly loose and comfortable, ensuring mobility and comfort. A+ for function; A+ for appearance.

  • Wide leg halter jumpsuit

Wide leg halter jumpsuits are usually the best when designed in patterns. They are also usually V-necked, with knots on the shoulders or behind the neck. The structure of the suit, which is the wide legged feature isn’t only comfortable, but frames your figure perfectly. Because of the framing of the legs, it makings your torso appear slimmer and defines your lower body better.

  • Trumpet sleeve romper

Trumpet sleeved rompers are a lot like off shouldered rompers – the major change is in the sleeves. While not like actual trumpets, they are definitely more frilled and showy. These sleeves could look great on jumpsuits too, but considering the height of a romper, the sleeves take most of the attention. They look great with minimal accessorising, which makes it easy to just pull on and leave with the right pair of shoes and earrings.

  • Denim jumpsuits

Well, the style and material are pretty self-explanatory and so is the colour. You can be assured that you can’t go wrong with this one. Make sure that the jumpsuit you buy has a little extra material around the waist to tie, or even some elastic that makes a dent in the shape of the suit. This helps in framing your physique properly, making your features pop out.

  • Tied waist romper

Like mentioned for the denim jumpsuit, rompers that have a strip around the waist that can be tied really accentuate and augment your features. They go around the right parts in the right manner, and are always pretty for any event. They give a chic plus edgy look. For rompers like this, try getting something with lace or in a free and breathable material.

Well, there you have it. 7 styles that will go really well with your body type, so you can flawlessly and proudly strut through streets. There are several other styles you can go for, and hey, if you find them make sure to post them online so others can try them out too. For the future, thank you.

Additionally, another tip is for you to avoid high necked items of clothing. This covers up your whole torso, making it appear bigger and broader, and does not flatter you in the right angle. Opt for rompers that stay above your knee, and jumpsuits that are calf or ankle length. Think about the length of your sleeves as well. Choose full sleeved or short sleeved jumpsuits instead of sleeveless one.

So what are you waiting for? Start wishlisting your favourite styles and don’t forget to click a picture or two.

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