About Us

Welcome to the Curvy n Pretty

We are not here for branding; we are not here to receive free goodies. We just care that’s why we are here. And, we are incredibly thrilled to have you in this fat positive and fashion loving community!

We believe that every woman is gorgeous in her way and deserves equal respect, love, fashion, lifestyle and more irrespective of age, class and SIZE.

Our mission is to illuminate, validate and amplify the beauty of gorgeous ‘Plus Size Women’ who often feels neglected when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

This blog is a self-expression of unfiltered opinions on Plus-size styling along with the general exclusion of plus and tall sizes amidst the fashion savvy world altogether. This blog would also incorporate much-needed ventures and affirmations in all the fashion and lifestyle related things. Not just this, we also encourage all the plus size divas to share their styles, experiences and more.
We hope to inspire all plus size women on their journey to have an authentic and amazing personal style that too unapologetically and relentlessly!