Curvy Girl Hacks To Look Good In Every Photo

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if the beholder is a camera, then it might need a bit of help. When it comes to clicking your pictures, it’s not as simple as pointing and shooting. No matter how expensive your DSLR camera is or how many megapixels your smartphone has, you need to know how to take a picture in order to look good in it. This is especially the case for curvaceous women. While curves are a thing of beauty, they might not be properly represented through the lens of a camera. The result? A picture that is significantly less spectacular what you had expected it to be. But fret not. There are multiple ways to fix this issue. With a few tips and tricks, you will be filling your instagram and twitter accounts with spectacular pictures that reveal the diva that you truly are.

  • Cross Your Legs

Curves are nothing to hide, and a good way to take a picture is by emphasising them. This can be done with the simple act of crossing your legs. This gives you a lithe shape that works brilliantly for the camera. One of the main reasons behind this is that, as opposed to standing with your legs apart, this pose gives the camera a tighter image to focus on. At the same time, your posture seems to flow effortlessly, like a stream cascading down the hills. For a bit of an added effect, you can also place one hand on your hip to give the picture just a little bit more pizzazz.

  • Don’t Face the Camera Directly

This is a good piece of advice for everybody, but especially for those with a full figure. Facing a camera directly while taking a picture can turn out to be a disastrous idea. You have to understand that the picture is flat, not three dimensional. So, when you face a camera directly, your picture appears flatter, larger and unflattering. Thankfully, this whole situation can be easily remedied by simply turning slightly towards the side. Clicking a picture while standing sideways can do wonders for you. You can also tilt back slightly for a leaner look.

  • Wear Vertical Stripes

There are times when it’s not the clothes you wear, but the way the look to people that is the problem. Case in point are stripes. Stripes are a wonderful design and we have all worn them at one point or the other. However, stripes are known to cause certain optical effects, both for the eyes and for the camera. If you are wearing horizontal stripes, then it tends to make you look flatter and larger than normal. On the other hand, vertical stripes give you a more compact and slender look. This especially holds true upper body garments such as shirts, t-shirts, blouses, etc.

  • Shifting your Weight to One Side

By now, it will be abundantly clear that your posture has a lot to do with how your pictures come out. Improper postures will make pictures look dull and uninspiring. It is only with the right posture that you can add the spark of beauty to your pictures. One such way is by shifting your weight. While there is no law against taking a photo with your weight equally distributed on both legs, it can tend to look drab. In addition to that, it will not properly compliment your curves. By shifting your weight to one leg, and standing on the toes of the other, you will accentuate your figure and look magnificent while doing it. You can also experiment by putting one hand on your hip, while the other is relaxed at your side. Such poses make the photo more dynamic and impactful.

  • Sit Straight

All of our parents must have told us at one point or the other to stop slouching and to sit straight. Who would have thought that this would have been incredible photography advice as well! When taking a picture sitting down, it is imperative that you sit straight. Slouching makes you look unenergetic, lethargic and lacklustre. A posture with a straight back gives you a sharp, crisp look, which goes a look way when it comes to getting the perfect snap. A slight modification to this rule would be to slightly tilt your back. Not so much that your midriff juts out, but just enough to give yourself a sinuous look. This pose is especially impressionable when the picture is being taken from the sides.

  • Look Straight at the Camera

Earlier we talked about how you should try and avoid taking a picture facing the camera. However, it is a good idea to look straight at the camera when you are taking any kind of picture. Tilting your face down can make you look unappealing and cast shadows on your features. When you hold your head straight and look at the camera, your features are more prominent. Not to mention, you also look extremely confident. In some cases, even tilting your head back slightly can do wonders for the camera.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing

While posture is certainly important, clothing definitely plays an important role in how a picture turns out to be. If you have a curvy figure, then wearing restrictive clothing might alter the natural shape of your body. Which is why it is a good idea to wear an outfit that compliments the natural flow of your physique. You should be comfortable in the clothes that you wear, because if you are uncomfortable, then it will show in the picture. Comfortable pictures do come out the best.

  • Pictures from the Back

Pictures in which you are looking from over your shoulders are quite glamorous, and perfect for plus size women. This pose gives emphasis to their beautiful curves and gives them prominence. Women mostly have their curves around their lower waist and chest, and this pose gives them the opportunity to proudly share their magnificence.

  • Stand Away from the Camera

An important tip, which is especially important in group photos, is to always sand away from the camera. Objects close to a camera appear larger, which is common knowledge. Which is why full figured women should always stand a little further away from the camera. This allows the picture to properly capture their form. When it comes to group pictures, this is a crucial step. Ideally people with a smaller body frame should be in front of the camera, while others should stand behind them. In this way, by contrast, everyone comes out looking amazing.

  • Don’t Say Cheese

In fact, don’t say anything at all. When you are having a picture taken of yourself, simply smile. If you try to say something, anything at all, chances are that the camera will take the picture mid utterance. In such instances, your face looks bloated and puffy, something you definitely wish to avoid. So simply smile, and you are good to go.

So, these were our tips for getting the best pictures that you possibly can. Photography is as much of an art as it is a science, so you need to know the tricks of the trade. All of these suggestions can be mixed and matched with one another to create amazing Instagram-worthy photos. Try taking a picture while you sit straight with your legs crossed, or look straight at the camera from over your shoulders to give your photo a healthy dose of attitude. Needless to say, these are tips that will help you get started. Once you become confident in front of the camera, you’ll doubtless find your own ways to look fabulous.  

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