How to Shop For Summers When You Are Plus Size?

Here come the sun and here comes the SUMMER! Off course! With all its hotness!

Summer it the most appropriate time to make memories but, it is really too hot out there that makes it difficult to maintain the style as heat and humidity cramps it completely. And, we all know good memories always go hand in hand with style and clothing. While it is damn easy for skinny chicks to find amazing summer clothing and styles, it is often the trickiest thing for curvy plus size women to do the same.  However, with our simple yet effective tips, plus size women would easily shop for summers this year. So, let’s get started:

Ditch the Synthetic

When it comes to summer dresses in general, the market is often flooded with lots of them but, not all of them are created equally. So, when plus size women pick summer dresses for themselves, they have to be careful and avoid those made from synthetic fabric as they can create rashes. Moreover, they do stick to your body and enhance your curves in such a way that they look odd. Try to pick natural fabric always as they would absorb the sweat and would not cling to your body.

Shop the Shorts

Do you the most annoying part of summers? Yes, it’s the Sweat! So, when you sweat in summers, your skin becomes wet and sensitive and that eventually increase the chafing between your inner thighs. In order to avoid this, you should indeed shop some good and be matching cotton shorts with the dresses you shop. These shorts will absorb the sweat and help you in reducing the inner-thigh chafing.

Halter tops are comfy

plus size clothing

We completely agree that tight tank tops are considered as the most comfy wear for plus size women in summers but, have you ever faced underarm chafing due to these. If yes then, you would agree that tight tank tops are not good for summers. In place of these, you can opt for more comfy yet highly stylish, halter tops which looks pretty much like tank tops but, with straps tied behind the neck. We do recommend halter tops for plus size women this summers.

Pick the right inner wears

When it comes to choosing inner wears, plus size women have to be extra cautious as wrong fitting can result in sagging and eventually running your look. This tip is not just for the summer season but, for all the seasons of the year. With right inner wears, you can feel comfortable and cool and still look highly stylish and sexy. During the summer time, it becomes little more important as you cannot hide anything under lots of layers.

Breezy silhouettes

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The main idea behind having a different wardrobe for summers is staying cool and hence, breezy silhouettes are the best for summer season. By picking these kinds of silhouettes, plus size women would look more sensuous and still feel confident and comfortable The ideal dresses with breezy silhouettes are maxi dresses, tunic dress, ethnic kurtis and skirts.

The color game

We are sure that you must have studied about the heat absorption theory of colors. So, if you know it already then, you should select the colors for your dresses wisely. Try to avoid dark colors as they absorb more heat. We know that they can make you look slim and beautiful but, this does not mean that you have to tolerate all the heat. Pick subtle colors that can make you look glamorous and at the same time, absorb less heat.

Pick good makeup

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For making your overall look sassy in summers, you have to focus on almost everything. Right from your hairstyle to your clothing, footwear and makeup, everything has to be good. For this reason, you should try to find some good and branded makeup for your skin. With light and right makeup on your face, you would be able to look extremely cute.

Best foot forward

Shopping in summers or any other season does not mean that you only have to shop clothes for yourself; you have to pay attention on each and every detail that can make you look great. For this reason, footwear plays a very important role in plus size women shopping. Try to find a pair that let your feet breathe while still maintains the grace and elegance.

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