How To Wear Skinny Jeans If You Are A Plus Size

It’s all hype around the plus size- truly there’s nothing better than the curves that you have received from the fashion heaven, and battling it out by trying to reduce your size is not the best option out there. Petite body types have come and gone from the trends of the fashion world which, currently, is all about the right fat in the right places.

There should be no double thinking involved when it comes to picking a pair of skinny jeans and lowers for your body. As a matter of fact, your Goddess like shape deserves to be shown off to the world. If you’re worried about picking the wrong pair of jeans, however, here are some amazing tips that are bound to help you sail through the beauty sea!

#1 A Tight That’s Right-

When you’re picking the lowers for your gorgeous body, don’t be afraid to highlight your amazing curves. For a body that has been endowed with the stunning amount of lower body fat, you don’t have to shy from the skinny jeans that will embrace your body. But while picking the jeans that you want some points have to be kept in mind

Firstly, make sure that the material you buy has some stretch to it- we want the jeans to mold itself to your shape without leaving you feeling uncomfortable or making the jeans appear strained. Do not always go for denims and the regular jeans, opt for stretching and leggings that have the same look as that of an everyday jeans with the added benefit of comfort and design.   

#2 Picking The Correct Top –

 Your lower body can be highlighted only when it carries the right upper to complement it. Always pick a short, waist reaching top, over a long- baggy one. We certainly do not want to hide your booty curves! It would be nothing less than a sin if you attempted to cover your backside.

Pair your jeans with a top that is designed well and has accents like beaded necklines, tassels, V-necks, ruffled sleeves etc. Do not be afraid to add in accessories with the preferred junk jewelry and scarfs.      

#3 The Right Shade Above-

You simply cannot compromise with the things that you’re wearing up top if you want to rock those urban jeans. Do not wear graphic designs or blatant prints that steal all the attention from your lowers. Such tops also make you appear more bulky than you are and we certainly don’t want such vibes around us.

Pick a top that has a plane patter or is mono-colored. These tops accentuate your amazing curves and highlight the lower half of your body, drawing attention to your skinny jeans clad body and legs that are bound to turn heads.    

#4 Solid Colors For A Solid Body-

Make sure that the jeans you buy doesn’t have bright, showy colors that instead of highlighting your bodily goodness highlight the lower instead. We want the color to complement your butt and legs and not the other way around.

Pick dark washed colors with a slight fade but no color patches. Even a light washed jeans can be easily chosen over jeans that has color patches or has a shade that slowly fades into a different hue. Solid colors like a dark blue, black and a storm purple give the right shape to your silhouette, making you look absolutely gorgeous in the lower that you have picked. 

#5 Bodyfit for Slim-Wear-

You have the right amount of everything in the right spots, but sometimes you cannot deny that here and there some extra fat seems to ooze out. This a problem which is common to all body-types that suffer from loose of flabby areas of the body.

It is essential that while being as you are, you also appear the best of yourself- for this it is important that you wear a bodyfit that forges your body into the right shape. Your belly fat should be tucked in for the right curves to be shown off to the world. With the right underwear or bodywear, you’ll be carrying that skinny jeans like a Goddess.  

#6 Cropped Ankle Length Jeans-

All of us who choose to wear skinny jeans run the risk of appearing short and too stout below. While we want to look curvy, we have to avoid looking dwarf-like in the outfits that we wear.

To dodge this goof-up we have a saving grace- the cropped, ankle length jeans. When you’re picking a skinny jeans for yourself try and go for a pair that is cropped from below or reaches just above your ankle. These play up  your beautiful legs- that appear tall and attractive, seizing the attention of the beholder. 

#7 Heels For The Right Feels-

The idea of skinny jeans is all about highlighting your butt and your legs- and they can always use some help from what you wear above and down below. Having already discussed the right uppers, it’s time to discuss the kind of shoes that you choose to wear with your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Heels will be your best friends in this journey of glamour and style. Pairing your jeans with the right heels gives an extra length to your legs, making them appear perfectly shaped and long. You can choose anything from pumps and stilettos to platforms and wedges- however, avoid wearing heeled boots and shoes for they will make your legs look shorter.   

#8 Double Denim –

Most of the times, when you find yourself a pair of skinny jeans it’ll turn out to be a pair of denims. You must know what to wear along with such jeans if you want to have the perfect outfit. Double Denims, that is a pair of denim jeans and a denim jacket above is all in the trend and will give you the quirky look that makes you stand out in all the right ways possible.

Pair your denims with a leather jacket is also a great fashion statement and nothing can quite match up to its trendy powers. If, however, you want to appear formal and chic at the same time, you can go ahead and don on a blazer along with your jeans- this is a comfortable and voguish clothing style that will also keep you warm. 

#9 Adding Edge With Damaged Jeans-

Skinny jeans with holes, tears, or bleach stains are your go to buddy if you want to get an edgy rockstar look. Make sure that the jeans that you wear has just the right amount of wear and tear and is not over flowered with an unnecessary number of rips, because that steals away the purpose of highlighting your curves.

At the same time the intended bleach stain should not appear too patchy and obvious, we want to appear trendy all the while maintaining the same color profile for our lower body, ensuring that at the end of the day your legs deserve all the attention from the lower that you pick.

#10 Crop Tops With High Waist Jeans-

This combination is going to be your friendly neighborhood outfit. While choosing to accentuate your curves you have to pick the right upper and the right lower and nothing fits this criteria better than a quirky crop top, that gives you a diva look and a pair of high waist jeans, that not only foregrounds your amazing hourglass figure but also keeps that tummy in place.

So with these fashion cards up your sleeve you’re prepped and ready to steal the game no matter where you go. Bless your body with the right pair of skinny jeans and you will be dazzling anyone who happens to cross your path!

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